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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

How Branches, Breweries and Members can help


We always need prizes and we welcome all donations particularly of local guides, tee shirts and other garments. If you are thinking about producing a local guide, then we may be interested in buying some so helping you by increasing your print run. Contact moc.liamelgoog@2enyrc.nhoJ.


There are two ways breweries could help: 1. If you are thinking about ordering branded products then contact us first. If the price is right, we may be interested in purchasing some from you so you can increase your order and get better prices. 2. If you have old stock that you want to get rid of, maybe a change of logo then we might well be interested in taking them off your hands thus giving you some additional income. Contact moc.liamelgoog@2enyrc.nhoJ.


If you have beery items that you no longer want then why not contact us and we can translate them into money for the Campaign. Contact moc.liamelgoog@2enyrc.nhoJ.