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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Games of Skill (and some luck!)

All the games are great fun, easy to play and enjoyable to run. At only £1 a go, they attract lots of players if the games are put in the right place. Games & Collectables will provide you with instructions and, if required, kits of prizes.

According to the space you have, you choose the game. They all provide good sport for spectators as well as adding to the atmosphere of the Festival.

Table Top Games

These are great for festivals with little space requiring only 2 feet x 2 feet. They include:

Shut The Box

Originally a French sailors' dice game, it involves throwing the correct combination of dice to cover up 9 numbers on a board. Close all the boxes to win; the game ends if you cannot close a box to match the dice throw. Open to advice by watching experts as to what boxes to close - therefore involving more than just the player.

See Shut the Box Instructions for further details. Members only.

Table Skittles

An old pub game with the objective of knocking down the skittles with a ball on a chain. Easier than it looks - with 3 swings. Also known as Devil Amongst the Tailors. Needs space to allow the ball to be swung around the pole.

See Table Skittles Instructions for more details

Short Alley Games

These need a little more space, about 8 feet x 2 feet. They include:

Crown Top Shives

Very appropriate for a beer festival - start with 6 bottle tops and from a distance of 5 feet 6 inches throw one or more bottle tops into the (shive) hole of the cask.

Ring The Handpump

Does what it says! Five rings a go - get two or more over to win


Said to be one of Henry VIII's favourite games, you slide wood discs along a narrow board through gaps to score points. Great value for your customers £1 - 2 rounds with 12 disks to start with. If space permits we recommend two boards are set up due to the popularity of this game.

Toad in the Hole

From Sussex, can you get a disc in the hole (2 points) or to just land on the sloping top (1 point). Six disks a go. See Toad in the Hole Instructions for further details.

Long Alley/Larger Games

For those festivals with lots of space, these games provide great entertainment for both spectators and customers. You need 12 feet x 4 feet and fencing, also the ability to cope with lots of nice noise along with the laughter and suitably sized transport.

Long Alley Skittles

The fore runner of ten pin bowling. With three balls a turn this is a very popular game with customers as many win. The alley comes in sections and can fit into an estate car, MPV or van.

See Long Alley Skittles Instructions for instructions.

Northamptonshire Skittles

Really nice and noisy requiring skill not speed. Three "cheeses" to knock the skittles down on a table. The table is both heavy and bulky so needs appropriate transport.

Roll the Barrel

4 barrels to roll along and score points. Great fun and easy to play with an added dimension being our blackboard called "The Wall of Shame"! Same transport issue as Northamptonshire skittles.

Table Football

This is different to the other games supplied by CAMRA Games & Collectables as, although it does not require any staff to run it, it does need regular supervision. You just place it in an area and customers decide to play either one against another or with teams of two each side. Please note that the table is heavy and can be awkward to move. You need to ensure sufficient room around the table together with clear and wide access to allow potential players to play.

See: Table Football Guidelines for more details.